Do you need a flash for wedding photography?

Timing is everything in Wedding Photography

When talking about Wedding Photography, timing is the most crucial part of the task. Similar to sports photography, timing is very important in this kind of photography. If you are not paying close attention, you will miss the most memorable shots you have ever taken at an event. However, there are certain things that you need to avoid doing and one of those things is distracting people from the event. It is true that the most memorable shots are often the close ups but you don’t need to get too close to the couple or the people to get your shot. Instead, you need to invest on the right kind of equipment that would allow you to take high quality close up shots without causing disturbances at the venue. Here are tips for using a flash during a wedding.

flash wedding photography

Also, make sure that you use flash only where absolutely needed. When you use it excessively, the event feels less like a wedding and more like a conference where bride and groom have to deliver a speech. Natural light is your best friend in photography so make most use of it while you are at it. If you are at a night time wedding, you can use flash in a manner that will give you good photographs but also doesn’t get in the eyes of the people around you. Ample artificial light can also be a good source for photography but it all depends on the angle you are going for and from what direction the light is coming. Apart from all that, you should also be looking presentable so avoid those casual photography clothes that you wear when you have to work with your camera. Since, weddings are also captured in videos so the couple would really appreciate that you look like a part of all the entire wedding event.