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How to prepare for the big day?

To prepare for the big day, you should prepare a comprehensive check-list. The preparations for an average US engagement start before 16-months. You should start a wedding folder by collecting useful information from various magazines including bridal, fashion, gardening, lifestyle, food and design. The resources should be estimated based on your time-spending capability and the people who are ready to help you in various tasks. You should prepare the guest list, venue and theme as well.

Efficient planning

The Wedding planning should be done efficiently so that there will be great comfort for guests, bride and bridegroom. You can hire a planner so that things will be done in an organized fashion. A professional planner will have a network of vendors and you will get great help in planning the event.

The date and venue should be fixed so that other arrangements can be planned. If you would like to manage a separate venue for wedding and reception, the travelling cost and convenience factor should be assessed. The officiant should be booked in advance. As you do research about photographers, florists, bands and caterers, you will be able to pick the most appropriate one for the grand day. The contact information should be readily available so that you can strike the best deal at the earliest. If you offer an engagement party, you should also have room for guests to be on the wedding day as well.

The photographer and videographer should be hired eight months before. You should hire professionals so that they will be able to hire shots as per your needs. Before booking the entertainment, you should be aware of the concert of those professionals while they are delivering live performance. You can reserve your favorite entertainment party in this course. In most of the cases, the wedding venue will also have a caterer. If no caterer is available at the venue, you can hire a caterer to serve food as per your requirements.

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Accommodation and arrangements

You should shop for your favorite dress. If you have at least six months, you will be able to alter the dress (if required) without any issues. You should reserve time to shop for the veil fitting as per your convenience. For out-of-town guests, you should pick hotels at different price tags. You should sign up with retailers so that there will be regular supply of products throughout the wedding season as per your requirements.

After launching a wedding website, you should include useful information such as wedding date, venue and time. The travel information and accommodation should be provided and the link to the website should be sent to participating guests. The volume of enquiries will be low when you present the information in a very efficient way. As part of Wedding planning, you should select invitations and buy them in advance.

Seven to six months before marriage, you should plan for honeymoon. It can be done after the marriage or after having a break as per your convenience and budget. You should ensure that your passports are up-to-date and should get appointment from doctor as well so that you can take any vaccination as per the requirements of the destination.


You should plan for a seasoned florist who will fulfill your needs in a very efficient. A florist can serve many clients in one day. The transportation for guests should be arranged. You might want to include a fleet of vehicles such as limos, minibuses, cars and trolleys.

The schedule of the grand day should be planned by including all the components in a detailed manner. You should plan for cake-cutting and first dance by making necessary arrangements.

The planning for rehearsal-dinner should take place five to four months before marriage. The menu should be decided and you should negotiate the cost. There should be provision to include day-after brunch as well. After going through the wedding invitations, you can customize them as per your needs. The order for cake should be placed after tasting several bakers. The guest list should be sent to the host of the shower.

After buying wedding shoes and dress fittings, you can bring them to the tailor so that the dress length will be adjusted and there will be perfect appearance on the grand day.