The Importance of Cherishing Memories

Life is the most unpredictable, long yet painfully short anomaly. It is weird how we talked about turning into adults when we were children and now we feel as though adulthood came too soon and that we were only just kids yesterday. It feels as though everything is moving too fast and that we cannot keep up. Some days end without us even realizing and some days feel as though they might never end. Such is the unpredictability of life.

dylan m howell photo

Photo by Dylan M Howell

We are also terribly naïve. We keep believing that we will be able to remember everything and that it is impossible to forget some memories. However, as the years go by, we forget them altogether unless someone else later reminds us about them and we cannot help but wonder how we even managed to forget them in the first place.

Our childhood memories are very vague to us and we only remember a few small stories. This is where our baby pictures come in. They play an important part in helping us remember little things, acting like cue cards or they just serve as a medium for embarrassing or touching stories behind some of those pictures.

We have developed a rather cynical attitudes towards our coming generations because of their tendency of wanting to take a picture of ‘everything.’ What we fail to realize is that these pictures later become a source of happiness and even nostalgia as we remember happier days the next time we reminiscence.

There are a lot of important memories that we want to remember and cherish and our brain can only retain so much information in one go. This is where pictures come in. These events can include first birthday parties, first day at school, graduation, and your wedding and, just shared moments between loved ones. All of these serve the purpose of reminding us of happier days and immortalize a lot of precious moments that may have otherwise have gone unnoticed.

A lot of people are skeptical about hiring professional photographers for events be it birthdays or even Wedding Photography simply because they do not want everything to look so ‘forced’ or they do not want to pay extra money. This can later on turn into a regret because as amateurs we may not always get good photos or the results just cannot be competed.

Money is just paper at the end of the day and there will always be more money, however some moments cannot be repeated no matter how much money you may spend. So, call the professionals. Get a professional Wedding Photography job done. They can end up catching a lot of candid moments you might not even realize. Like a silent, intimate moment between the bride and groom or of an awestruck relative etc. Life is too short to not cherish what we have and it is important that we capture as many of these moments as possible so that we can look back on them years from now and still have a smile on our face.